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Maintenance Predictive Services



Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography is the identification of HEAT ENERGY. An Infrared scan is a proven method that can save you money.

Although useful for identifying some mechanical faults, roof leaks and voids in building insulation; Infrared Thermography is extremely useful in identifying electrical Faults.

You no longer need to use the old method of annually looking in a panel or bucket and tightening all connections, without knowing if they even need it. Many times this method of PM can be very destructive to your equipment. Screws and bolts can be over tightened, leaving them stripped/loose. Causing an unplanned failure in the future.

Our Infrared Thermography Program will identify these loose connections, bad fuses, uneven loads, bad starters, bad contacts, etc. (all of which generate heat energy loss) Giving you the ability to; repair only the components that need it, order the parts you need before failure and eliminate the damage that occurs during the annual PM.





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- Oil Analysis

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- Laser Alignment

- Infrared Thermography

- On-Site Balancing